Pirate Ship Cancun

The waters of the Mexican Caribbean hosted some of the most thrilling and shadowy episodes in the history of piracy. In a distant past, when the Spanish empire stood as the richest in the world, numerous adventurers and corsairs found a treasure worth risking it all for on the maritime routes to Mexico.

Since the rise of the Spanish conquest, piracy became a constant threat to the ships that dared to transport riches from the New World to the Old Continent.

John Hawkins

One of the early notable pirates who sailed these waters was John Hawkins. This Englishman not only traded in black slaves but also displayed theatrical skills to confound his victims. Alongside his cousin Francis Drake, he led audacious raids on Mexican ports, with their incursion into San Juan de Ulúa, Veracruz, standing out.

Francis Drake

Renowned for his plundering and navigation skills, not only shared family ties with Hawkins but also an insatiable thirst for wealth. He became the second captain to circumnavigate the globe and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I of England for carrying out one of the most lucrative pirate raids in history.

William Parker

A companion of Francis Drake, left his mark in pirate history by attacking Campeche. Despite his subsequent arrest, he managed to capture a ship laden with silver, making this one of the most devastating assaults that the Mexican port endured.

Henry Morgan

Whose life began with a childhood abduction, became one of the most feared pirates. He plundered Panama after a peace treaty was signed between England and Spain, and the British king honored him with the title of “sir” and appointed him Vice Governor of Jamaica.

The Jean & Pierre Lafitte

The history of piracy in Mexico also features figures like Jean Lafitte, who, along with his brother Pierre, established himself in New Orleans and supported the United States in its war against England. Later, he found refuge on Isla Mujeres and eventually passed away in Dzilam.

Jean-David Nau l’Olonnais

A former French soldier, joined the filibusters and attacked Campeche, earning the infamous reputation of being one of the bloodiest pirates in history.


Who once served Spain, switched sides to join the filibusters and carried out brutal assaults on San Juan de Ulúa and Tampico, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Eduard Mansvelt

Known for his raids on ports from Colombia to Guatemala, seized Campeche and dismantled parts of its fortifications before being captured and executed in Portobelo, Panama.

The Mexican Caribbean witnessed countless pirate adventures, and the stories of these intrepid raiders endure in the legends and culture of the region. Do you dare to embark on this fascinating journey? Don’t miss the opportunity to book your tickets and immerse yourself in one of the most thrilling eras of maritime history!