Limpieza en playa

Our Jolly Roger crew has sailed the seven seas and has never seen the vibrant natural paradise that is Cancun, Quintana Roo. There is no doubt that pollution is a latent threat that attacks the beauty of our oceans.

Although we are pirates dedicated to finding booty, we also care about and join the care of our seas and beaches in Cancun, a paradise that deserves to be protected.

Here we tell you how together we can achieve it.

Say no to plastic

No more disposable bottles! Fill your canteen with either water or rum. Avoid disposables, bring your reusable bottle and use cloth bags.

Trash in its place

Pick up your trash, don’t leave anything on the sand, take your trash with you until you find a trash can. and remember the butts, to the sea, never! Turn them off well and store them in a suitable container.

Responsible tanning

Corals, those vibrant underwater gardens, are vital to the health of our oceans. Unfortunately, the chemicals found in some common sunscreens can damage them, causing them to bleach and die.

  • Choose biodegradable sunscreens: Look for products that contain ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, free of oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene, considered harmful to corals.
  • Apply sunscreen in advance: Ideally, 30 minutes before sun exposure, so that the skin absorbs the product properly.

Remember to protect your skin with clothing and accessories. Use wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and long-sleeved shirts to reduce direct sun exposure.

Respect for marine fauna

Cancun, beyond its paradisiacal beaches, is home to a rich marine biodiversity. From majestic whale sharks to colorful reef fish, these living beings enrich our ecosystem and provide us with unforgettable experiences. However, irresponsible interaction with marine fauna can cause irreversible damage.

  • Observe from a distance: Admire the beauty of marine animals without getting too close. Remember that they are wild creatures that need their space.
  • No touching or feeding: Physical interaction with marine fauna can stress them and transmit diseases to them. Do not feed them, as this alters their natural behavior and can harm their health.
  • Responsible diving and snorkeling: If you practice these activities, choose certified operators that implement environmentally friendly practices. Follow the instructions of the guides and avoid touching or chasing marine animals.
  • Report illegal activities: If you observe illegal fishing, marine fauna trafficking or any other activity that puts the marine ecosystem at risk, report it to the competent authorities.

Be an eco-conscious tourist:

As an eco-conscious tourist, you can contribute to the conservation of this paradise by adopting sustainable practices during your trip.

  • Sustainable accommodation: Choose hotels and resorts that implement ecological practices such as saving water, energy and using biodegradable materials. Look for certifications such as Green Key or LEED, which endorse their commitment to the environment.
  • Responsible activities: Participate in tourist activities that promote the conservation of the environment. Choose guided tours by responsible operators who respect marine fauna and local ecosystems. Avoid activities that may damage the natural environment.

Together we can make a difference! Let’s enjoy Cancun responsibly, protecting its charm so that visitors from all over the world can continue to enjoy this paradise.

The Jolly Roger and his crew are committed to caring for the oceans, preventing and taking action to avoid polluting the environment.